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Humans: The Queers Of Nature

Lying down underneath the starry sky of Chennai night, reposing in the amalgam of warm temperature and wild winds crisscrossing over my body and appreciating a certain spine chilling mystery story I was reading earlier its not surprising that I might be stumble upon a an intellectual mushy mire of queerness of my own. Why is it that in this nature of great variety and astounding design there exists in solitude a creature that does queer things such as wearing a cloth, building concrete structure and things like that, have queer intelligence.

I don't wonder at thing very long, I'm impatient but It is true that answer exist before the question arises and my impatience was only in bring that answer forward.
Here is man doing everything different from nature and suppose there was an planet far away where dogs are intelligent then I thought it would very natural that the dogs on that planet would be the only species of that that kind. How well it fits into the painting of creation perfectly. But why?? Why does it feel so comfortable and strangely even, enough that there be only one of such thing.

Recently I came across a documentary which told of a certain cave, an air bubble in the earths crust to be precise which was dug into. There had been no contact of this environment with the above sunlit environment for millions of years not even rain water seeping. But the delightful part is that the scientists found thriving habitat consisting of crawling cave insects near a pool of hot spring, which were completely different from the surface counterparts. Yes there were bugs and centipedes similar in shape to the ones we have on the surface but they are completely blind and the eco system here is supported by a chemical called Hydrogen Sulphide from the hot water spring present there. They had developed without sunlight. But why didn't they find blind humans there?? Its simple there were no mammals and birds found there too the cave was too small and there weren't enough resourses for evolution of the species of greater complexity. But let’s assume they had all that then it is possible that there would have been human being, intelligent, communicating in a way not understood by us and completely blind. Of course, they wouldn't need clothes.

It became clear to me that having such queerness is also natural for the nature. But why is it so?? We, I think are a part of the nature and we possess a blueprint of the nature in our body. So if we are natural then the queer part in us would be our brain, and not the whole but the parts of it which makes us queer, so to speak. Isn't it true that this queerness has got us into trouble just like nature has got itself into trouble by our creation?? We have eaten the fruit of knowledge and greed and love have taken place in our circuits. So lets analyse ourselves to find the reason of our existence.

Mind has got us into trouble many a times hasn't it?? You fall in love, you feel jealous, you want more land, more wealth, and then comes the pride, and you wage wars for it, then develop machines to fight of the aggressors and then you become tired and with a brief stint of spirituality leave the world with some conclusion. All these are caused by our queer nature of mind, if not for it we wouldn't be queer and nature wouldn't have a queer part. So what has this mind brought us but war, sorrow and pain?? We see how perfectly nature is balanced and how orderly it is even in chaos even though the creation of it was by chance, but a chance that definitely had to occur in fact waiting to occur and does whenever there is a chance. So I guess what does when nature do at its peak of its youth, and abundance of assets how is it possible that nature can refrain creating an intelligent beings, us the humans??. Isn't it similar to how we feel when we have all the leisure, all the thoughts and ideas and wealth? In those times we create, we change everything and we keep changing. But the coin has two sides. Aren't we sometimes haunted by our mistake of our youth?? Doesn't it wear us down physically and mentally?? Is that what’s eventually going to happen to that which created us??

But aren't there people who claim to have lived fully? Claimed to have attained clarity? Claimed to have died peacefully and with a smile? Some regarded as enlightened say something queerer than anything else, that we exist to realise something. Do we really have a choice other than being destroyed by our queerness just as mind brings its own destruction? Is it really a choice that we have a happy ending not so obvious, non violent and peaceful ending?? Does it really mean anything in the end??


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