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A Wonderful Laugh

When I was a kid I was very close to one of my cousin sisters. And like it happens between all best friends, we once had an ugly fight. I don’t remember exactly what the reason was,but I guess it must have been one of those cute little petty reasons of a fight, one could laugh at when they grow up. latter something really awesome happened, that made me forget the reason. I decided to teach her a lesson and declared that I would not to talk to her ever(I find it really cute). It was just like in the movies. I was expecting apologies, and pleading , but on the contrary she didn't care much or so she wanted to show. I still remember that huge childish ego coming up – she doesn't even care that I her best friend won’t be talking to her and it’s my best friend behaving this way with me. The silent treatment continued for a couple of days. It wasn't working very well though, she continued to play her girly games with her stupid girlfriends. Looking back I think, girls could be so mean and insensitive sometimes-ah! Even if the worlds going to end all they would care is play those stupid games and day dream with those dolls. That didn’t stop me from putting up a scene of ‘I don’t give a damn’.

Being in a joint family living in a colony back then(now living separate), I used to visit their house whenever I liked or without any reason – it was like my own house. One day, in the silent treatment I went to her house and saw that she was also present there. We happened to sit near each other. A silent gap.......and then I don’t know how it started but we began to start laughing like we had heard the funniest joke of the century.

It was the happiest kind of laugh I ever had. We never discussed about the fight or said sorry to each other. The fermented and hardened feelings within us just melted away in an instant, there was no making up required. After some heart filling, stomach aching laugh we went out and we talked - same old child like things the best friends talk - everything else seemed so small to even consider talking about it. That day unconsciously, I took a silent vow to myself that I shall never bring us into this situation again.

It’s so hard to do the same thing now - neither do I hate someone 100% nor do I make up for the misunderstandings with the people I call friends. It’s so stupid to keep silly little things between friends. I want laugh like that again. I don’t want to keep anything in my heart now. If you are a friend reading this then just know I want to forget and want you to forget any unpleasant things that has happened between us. I mean it and advice you to do the same to your friends.


An encounter with an angry drunkard was my destiny but staying calm and walking away even though I was hit was my choice. I was tired and was searching for BSNL service centre when an angry looking man was charging at me as his friend was trying to stop him. I was still walking unconscious that the man (I presume drunk and highly stressed) was shouting at me. Within a short while however he managed to grab my attention by giving me a blow on my left arm- ouch! It hurt that was only initial impact, the complete effect of which is not felt at that instance, but aggravated within few minutes. That’s when I realised how much powerful that hit was and how weak I am. So this fellow was being kept in control by his friend and that fellow also tried to apologise when I was walking past without giving any heed to any of them when another hit from nowhere landed on me this time by some other highly stressed pressure vessel. It wasn’t that hard, it missed me but I still managed to walk like a zombie past this commotion. I just remembered the belongingness fundaes from the advance course and asked myself ‘can you love a person this bad? ’. The answer made it easier for me to accept the situation and take the best action.

They didn’t pursue me any further but a little while after that people around stated asking about what had happened and sympathising. Not sure of what to make of this incident I just smiled all the way. This is not the first time I had dealt with a drunkard, and the first time I realised that these people just can’t be persuaded by reason. This time I Just walked away in silence and nothing much happened, but in a similar encounter few months ago I was all set to show that guy a few of my martial arts tricks which of course were only a by-product of my interest in TV and movies. I was panicking and angry and had received a slap on my face, thanks to me acting cool thinking that I could enlighten him of the exact situation. He had his friend and we were three of us so I thought, this is going to be easy even If he looked much more powerful and mad than me. Things turned out differently than I thought, and my friends began persuading him of our meek situation (that we are just college student etc.), during which he managed to hit my cycle with his bike he was on and I managed to kick the silencer of his bike and made him angrier. In the end I realised that these people are just plain stupid they just can’t be persuaded.

One very important thing I realised was it’s not a good idea to get involved in a brawl if you don’t understand what the other person is speaking. A similar thing happened long time ago when I was new to Chennai and was sitting in ladies seat day dreaming in an MTC bus and this lady is shouting at the top of her voice, me however not noticing for a long while that it was me she was addressing to - ladies here especially the one who look like vendors can really be rough and stupid. They really have no idea about what politeness is though their whole business depends on it.

I learned that I have become stronger and realised the clarity that walking in this path has brought to me. I also learned I have become stronger physically too. For that I could start of by going home in vacation and having a proper diet for sometime at least. Comment if you’ve had a similar experience, what you did and what you think is best.


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