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Remembering facts is tough but remembering the logic is easy. That’s why people ask for the logic rather than believing the facts. By logic multiple problems can be solved. Its like the data stored in ROM in a comp, this is the place where the comp selects useful and pre-programmed instruction when some conditions are met. The only difference between a ROM in a comp and our brain is that the patterns in the brain can be changed where as patterns in a ROM are permanent. Storing few instructions and data in ROM saves time and each time the same operation is done to get an answer, which is more effective than storing values for every possible input. Facts are managed by RAM memory where these facts can be forgotten or stored as a strong impression if required. We might store a particular fact in mind and choose to forget it. But it doesn’t mean that it can be erased and new thing can be stored. It can be retrieved anytime. Therefore storing the logic is more important than storing the facts. Logic can be reminded if we face a situation and there’s an impression of similar situation faced earlier.

Next important thing to note is that the mind doesn’t store all the situation of same kind. A first impression of a situation or problem is easily stored or it may choose to store the situation which gives us the maximum learning. The mind also stores how a change in different parameters in different situations can affect the overall result. In other words in learns from most of the situations but stores only the first impression or that which is most. This is a fantastic strategy of the brain. By this the brain effectively deals with facts to get the maximum experience out of it. So be carefull to choose the first impression in your mind. If its a girl making a very good first impression on the mind you may forget the face but the hairstyle the basic build of the body, colour, hairstyle, features of face the smile- all these are stored as a picture in the mind devoid of some details. Hence you create a picture of aesthetic beauty in your mind. So if you find a round faced person attractive and you have a strong liking towards that person. Then you may find every round faced person attractive later. That doesn’t mean you are not going to like a person who doesn’t have such feature. It depends only on the impression a person makes.

Lets now see the reason why people generalise things for example - all marvadis are miserly, beautiful girls don’t are not intelligent. These are normal impression which a mind makes and stores, may be due to experience or general conception. This will definitely lead to a prejudice. So be carefull this pre conceived notions will affect our behaviour towards a particular person which may turn out to be completely false. So when ever you start feeling about anything just realise what impression is causing it and then analyse the present situation using the data stored as impression as well as data you are presently receiving. This is very important in decision making and can pretty much take care of handling exceptions. In short having a non judgemental attitude towards thing and by not being very feeling based and impulsive is necessary for decision making.

Extending this to a artificial intelligence - we can make a self learning system which stores the impression of the situation which gave the best result and analysing the situation in terms of parameters involved. Then later if the system faces similar situation and parameters are satisfied fully or partially depending on how rigid we want to make the system can carry out a host of sequenced operations which can give us desired results. Rigidity of a system-the system must be given an instruction to consider a parameter as necessary or sufficient or the system can be made to decide for itself these factors. Now when the system meets a situation where certain parameters are satisfied and it gives an output of so and so value, it stores it and now when it meets another situation where some parameter has changed and its able analyse the difference it made in the output, the logic is stored that this particular change in this parameter made this change and giving various inputs and outputs for same parameters the system is able to create a relation between the parameter and the output and now the characteristics of this graph such as its shape and variation in slope etc are stored in terms of range rather that the whole detail itself. If another parameter involved in change then the system stores a situation and characteristics of the situation and creates a model this can simulate other situations when encountered and if now the response is the same then the model is reinforced or else a new model is generated which takes into account the various situations involved. This can be helpful in designing autonomous and decision making systems.

A similar method can also be used in data compression techniques. If a 3d model is created then instead of storing all the details of the model we can store the sequence of steps which created the model. So every time you open a file created by a 3d software it may actually create a model using the sequence of meaningful steps which lead to the final model. This I think is already been put to use.

The bottom-line is that our mind is so highly evolved that I don’t think that any human intelligence can beat it. We must dedicate some of our resource and time to experience, realise and enjoy the gifts the Mother Nature has given us. It is interesting to think whether human mind can ever decipher the bigger mind. Hail the bigger mind

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