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Crappy ending, a lot of plot holes, pathetic attempt to make a rural underworld movie and even more pathetic attempt to portray Vidya Balan as a bitch, on top of that “A” rating for a kissing seen and foul language. Well an ‘A’ rating and Vidya Balan in it who wouldn’t buy it, but to rely entirely on it and keeping the story and direction neglected surely made the movie suck big time. It might have earned big bucks on the box office but it is very unsettling. Nasserrudin shah, Vidya Balan have totally been wasted, though I have to give credit of showing Arshad Warsi in this kind new and serious role where he does a great job. Vidya Balan just stands out in the whole rural backdrop, she doesn’t farly resemble a village folk. The story would have worked fine enough in a modern setting with may be Kareena playing the role. Nasserrudin Shah as usual at his best but as said before he is not used to the max. You might want to watch this movie to catch Vidya Balan in this new not so complete and shady form, she looks as stunning as she did in “Pareenita”. This movie might actually work for most of the crowd, but for a serious movie goer and critique of this genre like me or a great Vidya Balan fan this might want to watch the movie just to see how much improvement is needed for a movie like this and to appreciate a masterpiece like “Omkara”.

Story/Plot:6/10.some spoilers-(Illicit relationship, revenge, stupid motives, suspense, clever)

Genre: Drama, suspense, thriller

Acting: 7/10(mainly because not enough research was done on characters and the direction.).

Direction: 6/10.(I don’t understand why does an ugly old villain’s wife’s voice have to be so daamn sexy. Sorry for being a perfectionist, I have picked a small mistake so that it doesn’t spoil).


Character: 5/10-I can’t imagine a character that to of a rural girl to end up like this or may be its not explored in depth.

Entertainment value: 7/10

Overall: 6/10

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