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I thank IIT Madras and the department for of engineering design giving me an opportunity to express myself through the way of project through which I learned many lessons not only in the field of engineering but also life. I thank my guide Dr. Balakrishna C Rao for his guidance and support and trust in me. Special thanks to the head of the department Prof. N J Vasa who went out of his way again and again to help me whenever I required any help and support both academically and mentally, his trust in me was something that kept me from giving up. I thank my therapists Dr. Leela from Medall services and Supriya Padmanaban who helped me get through some of my mental blocks, giving me advices and techniques to better handle myself and made me more aware of the situations surrounding me, thanks to them I learned a lot about myself and grew as a person. I thank the YES!+ and Art Of Living family of people around me and the world and the founder and my spiritual guru H H Sri Sri Ravishankar for providing me with simple breathing techniques, knowledge and meditation thanks to which I could maintain a calm self at times when situations were adverse. Dear batch mates of  2006batch of branch of engineering design I thank you all for your presence in my life, lessons were learnt and I was inspired by you all to strive to become better and better. Thank you all my hostel mates from Tapti hostel, Jamuna Hostel and Ganga hostel of IIT Madras for your immediate help whenever I required the most. Special thanks to Amit Saxena, Raviteja, Krishna kalian, Madhumitha Kannan, Aparna Narayanan, Somanshi Tikoo, Kamalakannan, Sunny Venkat, Indraneel Shasikant, Elan Kumaran, Payal Firodiya, Siva Chaitanya and  Vamsi Mohan, they were one of the best friends I have made in my life, they have moved and inspired me in unique ways. I thank my parents and brother for their patience and support, without their help and faith in me I could not have been here; thanks for their support for they are the foundation  I stand on. Last but not the least I thank that invisible force which could be named as the universe or god that had plans for me to realize and grow in interesting and mysterious ways.

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