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another one

another one, written not before long
a quicky for a satsung, to be sung before a song.

In this path full of roses and thorns
With all my rights and my wrongs
You make my life a blissful song.
In this bliss I had waited for long
I smiled and smiled and sang along.

Through all my confusion and excitements,
I didn’t know what to ask, what to do.
The one word I uttered was “guruji”
then I choked, found no questions,
not another word.

I dwelled on and followed him,
followed him, not knowing why.
I just wanted to let go and sigh.

What else could I ask for in this moment,
but this presence and the desire
to meet him and to spend some more time.
Something kept pushing me to go on but why.
Why, I came to know after a while.

At the end of the crowd, I stood high.
I was wondering was he looking at me or the sky.
He glanced through me twice,
caught hold of me, with those fiery eyes,
and shook me from the inside.

He released a few knots and ties, in my mind
he cleared a few somethings I don’t even realise,
washed it thoroughly, emptied it
left me aghast, almost sorrowful
I wondered again, what is this, and why.

I should have been filled with light and smile
but here I am completely empty
without any thoughts that satisfy,
this is happiness and this is you.
but I couldn’t think of anything nice.

Hard to explain the mysteries of the mind
I just thought let me express and cry,
just be grateful and say good bye.
But neither tears rolled nor I smiled.

A sensation followed like that of sorrow.
Learned not judge but experience,
I did calm down and began to realise,
I felt no bodily sensations of sorrow.
Completely numb, empty and hollow was I.

I had to go, stuck to my commitment,
I had to lie. At once I found a ride.
we sat on a bike and started to fly,
but only in mind could I.
I closed my eyes and felt what was inside.
Caring a bit of the traffic but not the noises outside,
together we sang, the same song we had in mind.

I got down, destination had arrived.
Said bye to my friend
and hi to my new I.

Thoughts already popping up in my mind,
what could I have asked, what’s important
and stupid questions alike.
I shut them off and carried on
till I reached my hostel my home,
it didn’t matter anymore.

Completely blissed and blessed
a thought came to my mind.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
Finally I understood the signs.
The bliss that is I,
face to face we met
and experienced the inner smile.

High, high and high
how much can we go,
how else can we go but inside.

Delighted, surprised and wondering,
I started to write.
I began with a paragraph.
But a poet came alive.


Puneeth raj

It makes a lot of difference. considering that the event that is being talked about is sufficiently close that the person could have enough time to prepare to attend, whether he/she uses the word "when" or "at what time" to attempt to know the time of the event, tells a lot about the attitude of that person towards attending that event. If observed carefully the use "when" tell us that the person is not really interested but might attend, on the other hand use of "at what time" confirms that the person is exited and lookin forward to attending to the event.

Though a language can hardly evolve to a point where it can be used instead of an emotion, some words make it obvious what we have in mind. They are used lightly but if we give enough attention we find that words we use reflects on the a person's state of mind, his culture, the patterns he has in his mind. It is said that face is the index of mind, i believe that face is a bit hard to be interpreted. Words that are spoken the tone of it and the other noticeable details of speech are much easily diagnosed to mean anything. Body language though gives a clearer indication of the state of mind its has too many factors to be able to be interpreted.

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