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Seven Pounds

I just came up with this new way of presenting a review of a movie. I'm sure most of us movie freaks have faced situations where a highly ranked and appreciated movie wont match to our expectations. This new way of presenting a review I believe is likely to overcome these issues. But I believe that watching a movie without having any expectations gives maximum joy. But for the movie freaks this might work out well. I'll start with the review of the movie 'Seven Pounds'.

Story-Intriguing, moving. slow paced. 7/10
direction and screenplay- exceptional nothing out of normal. 8/10
acting-exceptional. 7/10
mood- not very involving and remains boring depressing for sometime.
runtime-(don't have enthu to find out. but will be useful).
imdb rank-(no enthu to find out).
my ranking- 7/10

plot synopsis-
A happy and sensitive man's life has taken a different turn after losing his beloved in an accident due to his an unfortunate error committed. He finds a way to get salvation from his guilt as memories haunt him.
Do tell me what you feel about this post and if there's any other issue to be considered.


I don’t know whether this theory already exists nevertheless I want to give it try. To put it in simple words maybe the a flowchart of all the possible characteristics of a species is laid out and according to the environment the organism chooses what it wants to be. Like a grasshopper would choose to be green in colour since it operates in green fields. Unlike the ‘Survival of the fittest’ theory this theory assumes that it’s the nature which alters the species. Almost all species are mutated according to the environment or every animal has the capability to follow the most likely path of evolution in a given environment. Each individual is different from other and every organism has got different species. It’s like the consciousness chooses the best route according to the environment so though the organism is the same but species differ in a small way. So breeding between two different species is possible if the mechanism/method of reproduction hasn’t changed there by creating crossbreeds which may be inconsistent or evolved.

Another possibility is that due to the radiation level in that area only certain kind of mutations occur and effect all the individuals belonging to certain species in same way in an area and hence a different kind of species evolve in different areas. But this means that two species can’t possibly occupy same area, and I think it’s true to the best of my knowledge. There weren’t whites in Africa and blacks in Britain.

But if this theory were to be true then there would be only one organism in one area, assuming we all evolved/mutated from a single cell. Here comes part of chaos – the nature’s and god’s divine algorithm. Chaos can be the cause of variety in organisms. Some evolved to be elephants, some humans and so on. Well as compared to the number of permutations and combinations possible with genes the variety of organisms there are in this world seems to be feeble. Maybe in some world beyond ours we may find a different variety of creation.


Even chaos is predictable. Suppose we have some objects with arbitrary shapes and lets say we coat them with a sticky substance and now if we mix them all together in a container and stir them then the possible combinations are many but a star shaped body wouldn’t stick so much to a surface as it sticks to similar kind, which means that most probable shapes emerge victors but in different proportions. Similar thing happens in a chemical reaction, though it is chaotic in micro level but the products have certain composition. Chaos in unpredictable in micro level but when it comes to macro there’s always a clear composition. Survival of the fittest theory doesn’t is too narrow minded to be the theory of evolution. And I think theory of chaos can explain everything. But humans seem to have a power which can even change outcome of chaos to some extent. But what seems to a choice in a certain level may be a divine plan in a different level. No matter how chaotic your life is or anybody’s life for that matter, humanity is heading somewhere very predictable in a level beyond your thoughts can go. Thinking of lower level makes us miserable and bound due to the chaos we can’t handle and thinking above our level in other words our selves makes things predictable. This is the way to make things predictable and be in control. The more you want to control the higher level you need to reach, the more you need to think of others. We’ve thought a lot of ourselves already now let’s start thinking about our society, country and the world.

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