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Not in order

1. Devil May Cry3- Awesome brutal and tough game you would love to play. Not bloody but allows you to move and get involved every moment. You can try variety of moves and awesome boss battles. A lot of skill needed and reflexes tested in harder levels. Just imagine this game had to be republished just because it was too tough to play. Easier mode available in a newer version called special edition. A lot of variety in close combat with intricate detail. The game doesn't get over in one try. You have so many unlockables that you have to play in every level and you'll be more than excited to do so.

2. Devil May Cry4- An master piece, awesome graphics and involves also a luck factor in some stages the outcome is different every time and not guessable. Superb close combat moves lot of slashers just like its predecessor but more improved and lively including the interface. Absolute fun to play.

3. Diablo- An old game- I like the gameplay and the character development and the spells. You need to have strategy and variety to take on the boss and tougher combination of rivals.

4. Age of empires 2- The most awesome war strategy game with nice and historic story line. You'll need a lot of movement to beat this game. And when you start playing it on lan with other people battles are decided in moments. Quite easy to beat the game if you are good with keyboard and mouse. But the fun is when you play it on lan with teams.

5. Rise of Nation- Like AOE but more variety and options if you like AOE then you'll definitely like this. You can start with nation and eventually move on to conquer the whole world making allies and defeating hostile nations. Awesome experience.

6. Counter Strike- Its all about tactics, reflexes and skills when it come this game and its one of the best game to be played on lan. Its meant to be played on lan. Straight forward and simple absolutely likable. Appeals from beginners to pros. One of the most addictive games. Theres no end to it when you start online.

7. Return to the castle Wolfenstein- The trend setter for first person shoot out game. I haven't played any game that is so simple yet so fun. The story is Involving and original- none can come close to the story line of this game.

8. Warcraft 3- With an involving fantasy story and awesome character development its one the most addictive games available. A war strategy game in which you get to play both good and evil. Even more addictive is the World of Warcraft the Massively multiplayer Online role playing game which I haven't played yet- just afraid that its going to drag me like no other game.

9. Fighting force- A simple close combat game. One of the earlier games I played. Not very famous beat'em up genre game. May not appeal to present generation gamers. Its even harder to find it.

10. Midnight club 2- From the makers of GTA. Set in various locations at stages namely Los Angeles, Pris and Tokyo it is one the toughest game I have played and just stuck at the final level. The beginning is fun. The development is good with various techniques acquired. Not easy like NFS. Even a small scratch on the car can send you to last place. The opponents are tough emphasis on the skill but graphics and detail are also very good. A must play for all those in racing games. Street racing with not serious police intervention but the opponent can tick you of.

11. Mortal Combat-One of the earlier games I played. Its all about moves and fatalities with hundreds of moves you'll never get bored of this game. One of the trend setters in its genre.

*The games I Want to play*
-Ninja Gaiden- similar to DMC.
-SIMS- I don't know whether I'll like it or not. It doesn't seems very exciting now. Though very famous.
-Bioshock- for concept and gameplay.
-Wolfenstein 2009.
-Final fantasy series.
-NFS shift
- Witcher - famous for roleplaying and decisions you take have consequences.
-Elder Scroll- Famous I didn't like the gameplay though, when i saw in youtube.
-Prototype- for its gameplay.
-Transformers- Just curious, if the movie had some much of awesome moves will i be able find it in the game. Just having an intuition that it might have a lot of variety.

*The games I have played and not in the above list*

Max Payne 1 and 2 - got head ache. Very dark. The protagonist is depressed.
IGI 1 and 2 - nice to play- sneak attacks.
NFS Underground, Carbon, Most wanted superb graphics and awesome handling.
Batman Arkhman Asylum- known as the best super hero game.
Command and conquer red alert - had heard a lot but found nothing special. I like RON and AOE
House of dead- bang bang bang clicth'k
Halo-1- just some alien invasion type game with not so good weapons.

I'm looking for a game with revolutionary gameplay and story that makes sense. Something that is made with a lot of care for self-satisfaction aimed at perfection or newness or art, with creativity, rather than the market and yet has become known and acknowledged. Most blood gore and violence games have stereotypical approach like aliens invasions etc., they don't have any good new concept behind they just follow the market with slight difference in story and weapons.
I absolutely hate how they project minions in a horror game and aliens like their only purpose is to be ugly. Instead of actually projecting a proper human face- which is difficult(all those wind and hair effect) they can actually create a fictional being which is easier to model and animate.

I want to create a game, a martial arts game with close combat with or without weapons. The user Should be able to develop the character rather the limited options available in a game like level ups. The character should be able to tweak his reflex time, power of the move, precision of the move, even the motion of the move. The funda is once he fights an enemy he must be able to figure out the openings,the power of his move, the timing, the motion etc and tweak himself so that he will be able to counter him. Similar thing is done in DMC4 with Dante's character. He was able change from escapist to defensive and aggressive or adept at using guns. I want a game where even the motion of the moves should be designed by user. Some constraints can be placed so that when he need speed the power reduces or when power of the move is more the time of the move is reduced. And a befitting story which has ultimate outcome same but various path to be taken.

Mechanical analogy

There are three kinds of load that can be applied on a material and there are a number of loads applied in a human being.

Tension-Applied in axial direction pulling the material apart. Tension when time is very less and you need to do more- you sweat it out. When you are studying for exams. An object yields under tension, then hardens and under tension of greater magnitude eventually fails. A human yields under tension with so many worries pulling you around and he/she just does what life dumps on. Fear and confusion builds up in tension leading to suicidal tendencies.

Compression- Applied in the axial direction pressing the material. When someone is pressurised due expectations placed on him or when he is bearing the load of something. Under compression an object's volume reduces usually hardens due to increase in density. A human under pressure from parents, job, society etc., gets dense in the mind, the head starts to ache, he wont be able to think anything creative, its very hard for him/her to open up their mind to new concepts. Anger builds up.

Shear- Applied in tangential direction to the face of the object. Distractions caused by his own emotions. Under shear an object tends to flow or deform. A human gives up to his feeling of lust and greed. this the easiest way to yield a man. All attachments, the complying to friends move a person to do unproductive things even though its not intelligent.

Under fatigue loading a material fails even if the load is small, it brings down their life expectancy. Humans and randomly loaded all through their life, stress can suck out humans strength. If the material is brittle it can crack easily no mater how hard it is, high ductility is also not desirable its has to be engineered properly.

Materials are intelligently manufactured through subjecting them to various processes involving controlled heating, cooling, application of pressure, extruding. They are machined, welded, molded, formed into various shapes for various applications. materials can be assembled intelligently in a system to to get the desired function.
But the nature is the best designer it builds from from atomic level and hence a perfect product is born according to that environment. Every living thing evolves, learns becomes better. But nature doesn't prefer a particular species, organism, color or shape. It just uses the best material and design possible for a particular purpose without any prejudice or preference.

Man is brought up by the society to fulfill its needs. He is force-fed to behave in a certain manner. Materials have limited reaction but humans have the ability to adapt. He engineers himself to suit the situation- but this is just a bad way to treat himself. He hardens, sometimes kills his own dream, commits crime, breaks down when not needed.Everything that can happen to a material can happen to him. Man designs not for the good of all, he designs for himself, society and he is insensitive, doesn't care about anything else unless it involves him. Nature makes him realise. The ecosystem created by man called the society is filled with chaos and is not in balance. He aims for linear growth and doesn't realise that in nature everything goes in a circle.

Man knows the loads applied on him, he knows its not good for him but still continues to yield, harden and fail without direction. He can act like water when he wants or even air and but also has the strength of iron. He is the best material designed by nature. I wonder why this science of self or spirituality is not taken seriously, isn't education supposed to teach us that. That would be very intelligent, don't you think?

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