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Talent for what??

If you can sing well then it is for others, if you can dance well it for others to enjoy, if you are a good cook it is for others you make the food. Any talent bestowed to you is for others. Guruji has very aptly pointed this out in his knowledge sheet.
Some of us are not open to share the talent we have, due the ego which has created barriers and inhibitions which keeps us in check.
When I imagine a world where everyone has recognised their talents and not imitating others in the mad rush of rat race, it fills me with a subtle breeze of joy. The feeling of lightness is so blissful.
I have noticed that for a creative person his creation brings an amazing sense of wonder to him. It creates some wow effect in me when I come up with something original and it soothes me like meditation.
The creation however doesn't bring satisfaction to the creator. He is left with a hint to create something else and an eagerness to apply what he has learned, to continue creating. When this application brings joy to others, that creates satisfaction. Only giving can create satisfaction.
I feel that this ability to create or innovate is the talent. When the talent is used to bring joy to others it is Seva. To realise our talent or break the barriers which does not allow us to be natural, we need knowledge and the company of the truth or the truthful which is Satsung.

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Crude impact

Has anyone tried to estimate to how many people is this crude impact is actually going to impact?
How many people use vehicle which run on petroleum based derivatives. Us meaning the whole mankind including the generally neglected people of poor nations of Africa, the villages of Asia beyond reach. How many are there who don’t even have a cycle. Is it going to affect the mankind or is it going to run out as a source of money for the greedy rich. The greedy ones and the intelligent will always find a way even if we run out of this resource. How many of us actually care about the environment. How many of the oil producing companies care of environment. Is all this hue and cry about fossil fuels getting depleted created just because the greedy ones should now find another way to cheat people or is it because the mankind’s development is going to stop? One thing is for sure mankind will never stop growing until it realises the ultimate truth, the truth every one of us must seek. The truth that we are more than our problems, that we together can shake the whole universe and that we are the chosen ones and part of the divine. it’s in our nature to learn from mistakes and adapt to changes. Its not our nature to worry, it is very unnatural. Worrying is just thinking, we now have to act, realise and rise.

Violence and Religion

It’s a thing to wonder that every religion has this concept of justifying act violence. In Hinduism Krishna said that we are supposed to our duty and not care about the results(in a situation of a war), in Islam its the concept of jihad, of which I cant comment much since I haven't studied it on my own but from my limited knowledge I can tell that the concept had importance when the small Muslim community in its infancy was threatened by some irrational people long ago and reflects that it was used for self defense and I'm sure Christianity also has some element similar to these .
So does it mean that all the gurus, the prophets and saints of religion had intentions of making their own religion great, knowing that other religions also existed or is it our interpretations that have distorted their teachings. Would prophet Mohamed have any problem with existence of Krishna or did Jesus have any problem with existence of the prophet. It’s really foolish to think that those great enlightened people would even have disagreement with each other imagining they meet each other. So where does this conflict come from, it’s obvious that it’s only our narrow minded approach to their teachings that has resulted in this situation. And these situations I believe, exist only to make us realise this very point. Unless every human being understands this, it is likely going to continue. The fastest way to get to this understanding is to accept this situation and then only take action accordingly.

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