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“Somebody here wants to sing, ” he said looking at the row where I was sitting and immediately hands went up all over. All I could do was freeze in shock. I had just witnessed one of the most unexpected and happy moment of my life, of course I didn’t sing, it was too much for me to take. It was a grand beginning of the advance course for me. Sriranjini however got to sing for him, she sung what I believe was her favorite and it is the song that usually blows our mind of – it was Vikram Hazra’s Radhe Shyam bhajan.

The satsung was filled with more amazing stuff in the form of knowledge by Guruji. He had a message for the politicians, for both the wining and the losing parties. The dissatisfaction over the final verdict was obvious, winning of congress though was likely, was not desirable by Art of Living community. Guruji’s Knowledge couldn’t be more relieving and meaningful. From what I recall the message for the wining party was to treat the losing party with humility. It was because losing party that they won- by thinking like this they could develop the humility for the losing party. While in battle be fierce but after battle has ended the intense feeling of anger towards the other party should also end. The losing party should shed their anger and frustration and welcome the decision as the will of god. The wining party should also review and take action so that the mistakes committed earlier should not be done again. It was a blissful way to end a day this way, each day of the advance course.

This time I forgot to bring my cap to the advance course, but you know I’m naturally evolved to attend advance courses. I have this ability to be able to walk like a king, head up and wearing an elaborate smile without making any eye contacts, or judgments and to get one step closer to natural self by just remove my spectacles.

The course was filled with amazing knowledge and processes as usual, which leaves you wanting for more. It started as usual with the ‘I belong to you’ process, except that this time I did with a real feeling of belongingness. I gained a deeper understanding of what belongingness means and what witness consciousness is. I am looking forward to what I would learn the next time already. This course felt like it was contracted, I felt that some new processes were added and some were removed. Time flies

The moment, which we were all waiting for, came when we came out of silence. Dinesh bhaiya informed us that Guruji would be granting us an audience. Again I felt the same feeling as I feel always when he is this close. It’s the devastating feeling of something similar to sorrow. I didn’t have any idea what it was, why it arises, is it because of the longing, is it guilt that I should have done more, or should have done something significant to be in this situation, or is it the feeling of insignificance of my egoistic desires against presence of such a person in front of me. Again I went blank no questions, no desires, the desire to know about this feeling also subsided soon and what remained was a feeling of gratefulness when he left.

A few tips for the people who are going to the June advance course-
Keep your intellect aside for the 5 days
Follow every instruction innocently
Observe the play of your mind
Become a happy zombie when you are in silence
Thoroughly enjoy both the pain and joy.
Jai Gurudev
Love you Guruji

Oye lucky!!

1:27 in the morning...what can you be doing at this time, if sleeping doesn’t fit farly into the category of the few interesting things that can be done. Do what ever but defenitly do not watch ‘Oye lucky! Lucky Oye’ if at all there is an expectation of getting sleep while seeing a movie is lurking in your mind. Because neither will it let you sleep neither until the end nor after it, till a good amount of time. Hopelessly trying to sleep after watching this 2hr long movie, I decided writing a review might help.
It tells us a story of a master charming thief (Lucky) who also is a very innocent guy. Somewhat like ‘Bunty’ in ‘Bunty aur Babli’ but way more refined and loveable. Lucky steals anything he likes be it merc or audio system even a dog, whatever he feels can make his lavish living more interesting. He has dreams not becoming rich but living like a filthy rich. Abhay deol does justice to the main charater ‘lucky’ and another attraction was Paresh Rawal’s triple acting. The direction is very creative and impressive. It has both traditional ways of direction like the flash backs as well as creative, like a single person representing three charecters. People have widely mistaken it as a comedy due to the thirple acting which can be seen in comedy movies, but it’s a movie which is very well crafted. I guess no one had a clue that this kind of movie can even be made in bollywood. Some parts of it might be comical, but it comes only as a part of the story and not the plot as it is done in a comedy or typical bolywood masala movies. It is a work of fiction inspired many lives including his own and hence has a biographical stint. It is similar to Stephen Spielberg’s ‘Catch me If you can’, but set in Indian backgoround and focussing on life of a thief rather than than the intelligence behind catching him.If ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ could get Oscar this movie deserves more than it.
I specially appreciate the cast chosen by the director. He hasn’t gone for bigshots, which is done in a typical commecial movie; rather he has chosen hard working (in one of the news report he mentioned this as one of the reasons for chosing non stars over star actors) and right people, which has worked out perfectly. Overall it’s a must see for story and acting.

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