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Seven Pounds

I just came up with this new way of presenting a review of a movie. I'm sure most of us movie freaks have faced situations where a highly ranked and appreciated movie wont match to our expectations. This new way of presenting a review i believe is likely to overcome these issues. But I believe that watching a movie without having any expectations gives maximum joy. But for the movie freaks this might work out well. I'll start with the review of the movie 'Seven Pounds'.

Story-Intriguing, moving. slow paced. 7/10
direction and screenplay- exceptional nothing out of normal. 8/10
acting-exceptional. 7/10
mood- not very involving and remains boring depressing for sometime.
runtime-(don't have enthu to find out. but will be useful).
imdb rank-(no enthu to find out).
my ranking- 7/10

plot synopsis-
A happy and sensitive man's life has taken a different turn after losing his beloved in an accident due to his an unfortunate error committed. He finds a way to get salvation from his guilt as memories haunt him.
Do tell me what you feel about this post and if there's any other issue to be considered.


Seva can’t be done for satisfaction but it brings satisfaction. I feel the seva is just another natural activity which has been made out of trend. Sharing joy or sorrow is also part of our nature but the trend today is to talk ill of others behind their backs. I’m sure most of us agree that a person should be share, care, control anger, should love everyone but it simply is not the trend. If doing seva is bringing you stress then that is not the true seva. Seva can never bring sadness. If you are sad then it is because of the attitude of seva you have. Seva is natural, repetitive and joyful. When we do something which is very close to our heart and which might not have any apparent reason and without expectations the satisfaction it brings is enormous.

What stops us from being natural is the ego, the ego which is out of place. When a saint expresses his ego in the form of orders he gives his disciples to spread the knowledge he has given to them, people usually think that he is promoting himself and that he wants fame. With the kind of impossible things they do and the love for silence they have, it somehow doesn’t seem logical to me that they would want attention or the company of their disciples. The people who criticize them of being fame hungry egoists are the same who normally take pride in showing off to the people around them their accomplishments, the service activities which they might have done and in their ideas, principles and concepts which don’t have any depth. They some how find it very disturbing when an enlightened person praises himself, they simply can’t take it.

People sometimes do seva to get good karma, which in itself beats the purpose of seva. Though the result of a seva is definite, they miss out the most fulfilling results of all which is more important than any good karma. This part of seva is the fulfilment itself. The belongingness is what I believe brings the contentment.

Intellectual type, thriller
Slumdog millionaire
Death note live action
The Inside man(my fav)
Oceans Series
Shawshank Redemption
Silence of the Lambs
The Butterfly Effect
The illusionist
The Fight Club
The sixth Sense
Mind Hunters(not well made-no proper actors but good)


The Fight club
The Departed
The Infernal affairs series
Oceans Series
Blood Diamond
The Last King Of Scotland
Troy(beyond words)
The Crouching tiger hidden dragon
The hero(jet lee)
What women want
Few good men
Good luck Chuck

Good Concept,Makes you think or oscar type
Beautifull mind
Perfume(i simply loved it)
Forest Gump
The Dance of the wolves
Gran Torino
The Truman show
Death Race
Little miss sunshine
The Man from Earth
The War of Worlds
Catch me if you can
The Aviator
V for Vendetta
The Matrix
The Changeling(2008)
Good luck chuck
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
No Country for old men
Big Fish

Classic type
12 angry men

Lord of the ring
Harry Potter

Comedy, just for laughs
Pink panther-1
Rumble in The Bronkx(the best)
Rush Hour
Mr bean's holiday
Speed Racer
Get smart
The Love Guru(must watch)
The Pirates of the carribean
The Men In Black
My Sassy girl
The Euro trip
The yes man
Scary movie series

Spider Man series 1-3(my fav)
Casino Royale
Die Hard 4
Bourne series
Mistes and misses smith
District B13(awesome)
Kill Bill(my fav)
Transporter series
Death Race
Gone in 60 Seconds
Tokiyo Drift- fast and the furious
Behind the enemy lines 1
The Crouching tiger hidden dragon
The hero(jet lee)

Blairwitch project
28 days later
28 weeks later
Resident Evil 1
The final destination

Happy endings, feeling vise, Romantic
28 days later
The Ghost town
Bend It like beckam
Mamma Mia
August rush(not great)
The french kiss
The truman show
The Yes man

The Great Debaters
The World's Fastest Indian
The Inconvenient Truth(my fav)
Man On the Moon

Advent Children- final fantasy
Madagaskar 1&2
The monsteer house
The Simpson's movie (super awesome)
The incredibles
Ice Age 1&2(my fav)
Walace and Grommit
Horton Heard a who
Kungfu Panda

Truths Type or truth about life
The Schindler's list
The.Pursuit.Of.Happyness(my fav)
The Wrestler
Blood Diamond
The Last King Of Scotland
The inconvenient truth


ek tarang

Swar sur taal rung
Milke bane adbuth gayan

Na koi niyyam na shasan
sikh esai hindu muslim
Sab mill gaayyen
Ek he dhunn may magann

Satyy ke sath
Gopi gopaaon ke sung

Amar kaa smarann
Anant ko samarpann

Ek vismay anand
goonje antarang

sajjano ki sangati
sur aur mann ka milan

divyy ka aagamann
Yeh hai satsung
Rasmay sundar pavan

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