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Today could very well have been the last day of my life. It was left to destiny and i guess i was sparred. Even thought destiny spares us every moment, and very possibly at any moment, at a whim of destiny we could be dead, it seemed like destiny actually made a choice for me to live on. My life depended on whether a certain thought would come to my mind or not and as you all can see it did.

The therapeutic value of lying in open air surrounding and looking at the beautiful night sky is known by anyone who has tried it at 2 in the morning after an all nighter. And some like me would get a chance to realise how bad it could go, depending on the place you choose. In the process of throughly enjoying the moments lying down in open air and looking at the sky and thinking silly, one could as well slowly slip into a peaceful sleep, get up in the morning and say "wow!!! that was an awesome sleep", If only it were some terrace of building, where you were going to sleep. I happened to choose the thick parapet wall opposite to my room located on the first floor of my hostel, which was sufficiently safe and stable for me to lie down on as long as i was conscious. Its not like I didn't already know the dangers of just lying down or even sitting on a parapet wall of first floor but like usual i didn't give a damn about it and it was safe as long as i remained conscious which very foolishly I manage to convince myself of, and also there was a sloppy ledge for the directing rain water to flow. Of course i had no plans sleeping there and neither did i realise that i could simply slip into sleep. Initially there was a debate going on in my mind about the concern of safety and enjoying this moment. The debate went into background and I began to daydream about different stuffs, slowly slipping into sleep in the process. And then one of my friend then interrupted all these, by an untimely visit to his room which happened to be next to mine and that broke my daydream which could very well have converted into a night one:). I happened to realise how sleepy and anybody with sound mind would panic at the adversity of the situation, which i did. Further I looked down, convinced myself how dangerous it could end up, just to make sure I move my butt and get back to my room. But the inertia of sleep had already got better of my reasoning and i was willing to spend some more time, convinced myself that a bit more was OK, I'd be careful and I'd go back to room soon and sleep properly.

At this point I began to think about this very habit of procrastination, I realised how I'd even procrastinate even if meant escalating the probability of a fatal fall to a significant extent. Thanks to this thought all my sleepiness slowly started disappearing with my analysis taking over. Soon I was stable, could balance myself properly without being extra careful.

I could just have daydreamed more and slipped into deep sleep, but now the box was open, people could know the whether the cat's dead or alive. My life could very well have been like that of a cat left in a closed box with a poisonous substance, would the cat eat it and die, or remain alive no one could tell.... The closed box still thrills me though:).....


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